Together we will decide what's next

We have chosen the vector “Sustainable Development" for the conference, but a new reality has happened. Now we believe that we need to get together to decide together what to do next. At the same time, the ESG agenda remains in the program.

11-13 may 2022

Sochi, Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre


11-13 may 2022

On May 11-13, 2022, the largest conference for bakery and confectionary executives and managers in the modern history of Russia will take place in Sochi.

More than 1,000 participants will gather at the Radisson Congress & Resort - the largest conference hotel in new Sochi. All key players of the Russian bakery and confectionery market will be in the hall. The first event where most of the key persons in the industry come together to discuss the current agenda.

For our partners the conference is a rare opportunity for intelligent communication with real decision-makers. Spending a few days talking quietly about the future of the industry and discussing visions for the future - what could be better?

90% of the slots are occupied by speakers invited by the Organizing Committee, so the number of sponsored speakers is very limited. Don't miss the industry's leading conference of the year - book your place now.
Roman Kalinin
Main program 2022

State of the art reports on the bakery and confectionery markets

  • What they are in 2022
  • Reduction of consumption/redistribution by sales channels
  • Market structure by product, type of producer, sales channel
  • Raw materials market. Forecasts.
Sustainability of industry and companies. What we can do today.


The role of the network retail. What is going on before our eyes and what will

happen in the coming years.

  • E-com: b2b and b2c marketplaces, online retailers

Retail - effective solutions for your retail business. Alternative trade

formats - section in a shopping center, cow lily, auto shop.

Trends and forecasts by bakery category:

  • Industrial bread and loaves
  • Industrial fancy cakes
Trends and forecasts by confectionery category:

  • Long-term confectionery products
  • Industrial cakes and pastries
  • Private confectionery
Artisan baking

  • What is a bakery
  • Technology and equipment
  • Franchising
Frozen bakery products

  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Freezing in federal networks and e-com
  • Bakery as consumer and niche producer of freezing
Flour processing industry

  • Harvest forecasts and pricing
  • Flour specialities, different grains
  • Flour fortification and adjustment in mills and bakeries
  • Innovations in production technology
Marketing in the food processing industry - toolbox 2022

  • Promotional activities
  • Merchandising

Prospects for bakers and confectioners in the FoodTech market -

how can traditional manufacturers stay ahead of the curve?

  • Gluten-free
  • Alternatives to sugar, sweet proteins
  • Optimal nutrition, calorie reduction, GI
  • Flour from different grains
  • Production of "ready-made meals", a niche perspective

Industry role in forming of responsible consumption, healthy living



Technological innovations in the sector: ingredients and equipment,


Logistics. Warehouse logistics Forwarding. Routing. 3PL operators.

IT solutions for enterprise development: accounting, analytics,

quality control. Implementation of ERP, CRM and mobile commerce.


Management accounting - what can be "updated" in the enterprise

and how much money can be saved - earned.


Legislation - what awaits the industry. What changes are necessary

for development?

  • Carbon footprint - how closely does the industry leave the

footprint and is there cause for concern?


Keynote speeches by public and professional associations. A

platform for the presentation of successes and plans.

What's new in 2022?
1000 participants
More than 1,000 industry professionals will meet for the first time


For the first time, there will be a dedicated exhibition area designed

in the same conference style. 8 exhibition spaces are available for

booking for the conference partners' staff, product and service


Parallel session for technologists

For the first time a program for technology and production services

will be presented - discussion of innovations in ingredients,

equipment and technology. The program is being formed.

Speakers and ambassadors of PISHCHEVKA3D 2021: OKTOBERFEST
Conference speakers — directors and top managers of food enterprises and suppliers
Evgeniya Boyarinova

Director of Production Bushe

Maxim Talantsev
Commercial Director Lantmannen Unibake
Artur Saakov
General Director of Inskoi Bakery
Anton Pershin
Генеральный директор
La Lorraine Rus

Alexey Reznichenko
Commercial Director, owner of ART-CO
Oleg Danilov
Director for the development of new categories of Karavai
Alexander Korovai
Technical director ОКАНТ&К
Natalia Kondratieva
Marketing Director Fazer
Roman Listrov
General director LPR
Anastasia Kachalova
GfK Rus
Ruslan Solovyov
Commercial Director Network Gradusy
Pavel Pankratov
Marketing Director Valentain Family
Nikolai Bodyagin
Holder Tomin Xleb
Sergey Anatolyevich Shchedrin
Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC KBK Cheryomushki
Chairman of the Board of the NSH
Anna Ogneva
The leading brand manager of the categories Baking Siberian Gourmet
Sales Director
Roman Kalinin
General Director of an industry agency
Elena Afanasyeva
Marketing Director
Marina Kostyuchenko
Director of FGANU NIIHP Moscow
Anna Malyavina
Moderator PISCHEVKA 3D
Analyst, Project Manager
Alexander Knyazev
Х5, Crossroad, VPROK
Nikita Bobarykin
General Director FOODCODE
Alexander Garvardt
General Director
Elena Migacheva
Laboratory Equipment Sales Engineer
Andrey Mazurin
Commercial Director of SAF-NEVA, Lesaffre
Alexey Lyalin
President of the RSP, Managing Director of JSC Vladimirsky HC
Pavel Kozlov
Head of Marketing Department Karavay, Angarsk
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